Warsaw poland escorts dating

In Wroclaw, I often chose to stay home and masturbate than endure the weekend nightlife.

I’m sure you can imagine another consequence of this: any cute Polish girl you end up dating will often be unavailable for weekend sex.

I did notice a lot of Spanish male students upon my first visit, but now I’m seeing hordes of older Spanish men coming for the explicit purpose to have sex with Polish girls.

Many nights I was in a club where over 50% of the men were foreign.

The research, which refers to "Newsweek" that every fifth student in Poland regularly sells sex, is not completely true.

I’m sad to be writing this right now, because a place I loved not long ago is one that I may not want to visit again. Two and a half years later, while living in Wroclaw, I can clearly see the degradation.

They are becoming obese and embracing the hipster culture. I estimate we have about 10-15 years until Poland becomes a mini-Germany in terms of female appearance.

This leaves weekend clubs filled with more sausage and mediocre spinsters.

It is extremely hard to pickup a cute Polish girl on the weekend, even in college cities.

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