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Much of the album is characterized by the pop punk music and humorous lyrics for which the band is known.

Its title and artwork satirize several aspects of internet culture.

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" Internet Dating Superstuds album for sale by The Vandals was released Sep 17, 2002 on the Kung Fu label.The Vandals' first proper album for Kung Fu Records will find the band doing a lot of advance promo in the guise of an Internet "buy the record, date the band, then date each other" scheme that should be a lot of fun, leading up to what could be their best album yet Internet Dating Superstuds buy CD music."We came up with this Internet dating scheme as a way to have fun, while trying to stir up some interest in our album," says Escalante, "now that we're finished with the album, I'm thinking it doesn't need some wack scheme to get the word out.In terms of result, Amino’s are all about growth and repair, a way to measure it is in the way you feel after training, and over a longer period of time, whether you find a difference in growth.I can safely say, through a sustained period of intense training, including trying out FST-7 which is extremely high volume work, that I’ve not particularly felt any more or less sore than usual, but with this kind of product, it’s difficult to know if it’s working over a shorter period of time.

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