Speed dating burbank

Join Burbank Speed Dating for men and women 45 and older and spend a few minutes talking to potential dates.

Please bring your favorite comfort food (anything from a vat of mac and cheese to decadent chocolate cake) to share.

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We don't limit ourselves to a certain "type" and that's because we know everyone has different preferences when looking for a mate.We appreciate your understanding of this policy and how difficult it would be to organize events if we allowed people to just not show up and receive a rain check.An available option is to sell your spot to a friend who is able to attend.Each date will last five minutes, and it is up to you to determine if the person sitting across from you is genuinely interested in a date, or genuinely interested in wearing your face as a mask. ) await those who guess the killer's identities.Grand prize awarded to the person voted "Most Likely To Be A Serial Killer Without Actually Being A Serial Killer".***Limitied seating please RSVP online first!!!

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