Raiden fighters 2 mame updating

(Thanks Emuviews) - prophet FPSE v0.08b1 has been released. This means that you will NOT be able to get music off of NAPSTER from Friday on.

New in this win32 Playstation emu are increased speed, a new version of the SDK, cleaner source layout for porting, and a "b1" after the "v0.08" (ooooooh! Maybe it's time to use Gnutella or something similar ?

If you need better access to Usenet, I recommend either Airnews or Usenetserver.

Do not download any of these if you are not legally entitled to them. =) - dutch Gridle has added CPU-optimised binaries to the MAME site, he's added an i686 version (Pentium Pro/PII/PIII/Celeron) and a K6 version (K6-2, K6-3, K7) of MAME 0.37b5.

Author also mentioned that a disk-system dumping tool will publicize soon :) Thanks to Navarone of Emulation number 9 for tips :) - aries I hear that there is a 100% complete Mame v37b5 ROMset flood on the Usenet group alt.binaries.

Agent is a good client for reading news, but for downloading binaries, I recommend Newsbin Pro.

major bugs are gone and you can play multiple games without any problems. Fear not, as you can download FRODO, a C64 emulator that runs standard T64 and D64 images.

Anyway, you are not fooling this emu news poster...These compiles will give you a few fps more than the 'standard' binary.- atila The KIAME Site (mentioned below) has been updated AGAIN, now with the following news: speed is much better, about 30-45fps on my 350.Perhaps this is something Logiq X might include in the next release of Mamediff (hint hint ;). Mame version .37 beta 5 source is out, including support for Mortal Kombat 2, Mortal Kombat 3, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, NBA Maximum Hangtime, 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge, Rampage: World Tour, and WWF Wrestlemania.Then of course there are all those new sets, like the big Wolf Unit games. I hear the ROM download for this release is around 250 megs, I will try to update with ROM reports (like I usually do) as time permits. Yep, this is another milestone for the awesome pool of talent that is the Mame team.

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