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Maybe it’s because they just went with who was there when they were in the mood to be committed? However, he has his issues about commitment, and is going through his own process because he wants to be sure that he’s absolutely ready to give a relationship with me a proper try.Instead of focusing on how the other person feels, and trying to change his (her) attitude to commitment, you need to focus on how you feel and change your approach. I appreciate the fact that he wants to be sure he’s ready to commit, and I’m leaving him to his process. Nagging a man is the best way to get the opposite of what you want.Guys, on the other hand, know the type of woman they want to marry, and so they keep having fun, or move through several ‘serious’ relationships until they find ‘that’ person. some men don’t believe in marriage – especially if they came from a broken home.

If he cares about you, he’ll respect your decision. They may even ‘run up’ their phone bill, talking to you.If you think he’s a great guy, but perhaps a little confused about what he wants in life right now, leave him to go through his process of self-exploration. Give yourself an ultimatum, and know when to exit the room, if you figure the wait for him will be too long.You don’t have to stop being friends, but draw your boundaries and be upfront with him.In their minds, avoiding long-term, ‘serious’ relationships prevents any chance of being hurt. They have short-lived relationships, wear their scars from previous relationships on their sleeve, date ‘unavailable’ people (who are ‘committed’ to someone else), back out of plans at the last minute, or are ‘hot’ one day, and ‘cold’ the next. Once you’ve made it through one really bad heartbreak, you can survive another. You can’t get anyone to commit to you if they don’t want to.Then of course, there’s them being straightforward, and saying, “I’ve been hurt in the past and I’m afraid to get hurt again”. It’s like asking a delinquent in school to study for exams.

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