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Pyrrha head tilted back and her hands going slack as she dropped her shield and sword while she went flying into the air a few feet as she felt her world turn.Naruto jumped up after her and kicked her higher into the air, He punched her again across the cheek followed by a knee in her gut before he grabbed her shield arm and spun them around midair before expelling chakra to propel them both down toward the floor.Pyrrha jumped over it and while switching her weapon into rifle mode shot at naruto's hips.Naruto rolled to the left getting scratched a thin rip on his outfit with a rapidly healing line being left behind making two clones with one hand sign during his roll each standing on the opposite side of him.It was just a small cut that her aura healed quickly, Her eyes widened a fraction before a small grin found it self on her lips knowing she would have to push harder Pyrrha didn't let it deter her attack though and she pressed forward with her shield in order to make some space.Naruto leaped forward after being pushed back half a step and then shoved his baton into the center of her shield firing a explosive round at point blank range.She lashed wildly out with her sword at a blur of orange through her blurry eyes managing to destroy one of naruto clones.Pyrrha twirled and swiped and jabbed at naruto and his remaining clone as her vision returned.

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Naruto side stepped around the spear away from he shield arm and slashed at her cheek Pyrrha having made contact before with the sword by using her shield attempted to use her semblance to throw off his attack as she had done many times only for his blade to cut into her cheek.

But he knew she was expecting him to try and get her shield away from her this time. Pyrrha knelt down and used her shield to cover herself from the shards of earth that rained down on her.

Naruto smashed his baton into the floor beneath him and created a wall of ice to shield himself. Her shield was denting and groaning and she looked dumbfounded as one shard broke through her shield.

Jiraiya took it upon himself to raise naruto however he knew naruto would be in constant danger in the village so he took naruto and left for remnant. The pairing is still isnt decided but I've narrowed it down to either Narutox Nora or Naruto XWiess. I'm not sure how much my story will change with the inclusion of the world of remnant series. Rematch chapter 13aruto wasted no time the minute the match started he pushing aura into his sword lighting it on fire before running towards pyrrha.

Watch naruto grow up in a world full of monsters, huntsmen, robots and everything is also a gun logic. With the new characters and monsters being added there's always room for improvement. Pyrrha charged right back at him and naruto lashed out with his sword Pyrrha blocked with her shield and stepped back when naruto swung his baton.

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