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About Vision Zero In February, Mayor de Blasio announced that under the Vision Zero plan, New York City had its safest year ever in 2016 with the fewest traffic fatalities ever recorded: 230, improving on the previous low of 234 in 2015.

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The report, “Driving and Self-reported Dangerous Driving Behaviors in New York City,” provides statistics collected for the first time on the number and characteristics of adults who drive in New York City, as well as estimates of adults who speed and text or email while driving.

Of course, it’s largely women who are singled out for constant annoyance just for stepping outside, and are dismissed as rude for not accepting it graciously.

If you don't get it after watching this video, the problem isn't just the guys caught yelling at Roberts.

Among drivers, men were more likely to speed than women (66 percent versus 61 percent).

More than two-thirds (68 percent) of adult drivers ages 25 to 44 years sped, similar to the rate among drivers ages 18 to 24 years (67 percent), but higher than that among drivers 45 to 64 years (61 percent) and 65 years and older (57 percent).

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