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If you don’t have the time, you can delay and make the creation of the photo album itself into another date.

Either way, once the album is complete, you will have a record of the date that’ll last forever.

When your date comes to the door or you go to their door, have your date reach inside and choose a piece of paper.

For what would be less than paying to enter the amusement park 2 times, you can gain admission as many times as you want during the season.

There’s nothing that will turn the date into a disaster faster than improper shoes for a lot of walking, or clothes that don’t fir the weather conditions.

One of the best dates you can ever have is learning a new skill together.

Not only do you get to learn something that you always wanted, you also get to do it with your significant other.

Part of the fun of this type of dating is deciding on what skill the both of you have always wanted to learn.

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