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Natural "Natty" Ice is a beer under the brand Natural, which is owned by Anheuser-Busch.

Because Natural is part of the Busch family it carries the same date code as other Busch beers.

Flying Dog’s “enjoy by” date is 170 days after bottling; Sierra Nevada’s is 150 days; Stone Brewing’s beer could be anywhere from 90 to 120 days.

Trying to figure out the age of the six-pack on the shelf in front of you from its canning date can take some serious mathematical gymnastics. Any brewer will tell you that the hops in a beer begin to degrade almost immediately after it’s made, and that this problem is especially acute with beers that are dry-hopped specifically for their aromatics — like most of the juicy IPAs that are trendy .

Even though beer is a perishable product it is not required to have a shelf life date.

Most companies use a "born on" or "freshness" date so that consumers can get an idea of how old the beer is.

Tree House uses the date stamp on the bottom of the can for jokes, including poking fun at Ravens QB Joe Flacco.

Our Quality Assurance expert Colin Banting says: “Beer does not spoil like some other food products, but can become stale over time, adversely affecting its delicious flavor.

[The secret to building the perfect draft beer list] Stone’s “Enjoy By” IPA series makes it easy, putting the expiration date front and center in the beer name, and giving drinkers 37 days from the brew date to buy (or finish) a six-pack before it’s pulled from stores. Not only does it make codes difficult to read by stamping black ink on the neck of a brown bottle, it uses Julian dating, so that, for example, the number “154 7” would signify that the beer was bottled on the 154th day of 2017, or June 3. Why is there such a range of how long a beer is “best by”? They’ll also tell you that the biggest threats to off-flavors in beer are oxygen and light. Smaller brewers who make beer with heavy doses of tropical-scented hops generally recommend drinking within a month of packaging.

Richard Thompson, the head brewer at Herndon’s Aslin Beer, which has become a favorite with beer traders, says that his hazy, dry-hopped IPAs hit their sweet spot two to four weeks after canning, before beginning to decline.

The next three digits are for the type and amount of containers in the case.

For example, 043 stands for a six-pack of 16 ounce beer.

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